Materclass U.S Foreign Policy [video] Senator Richard Black [2-4-2016]

Chapter 6: The Offer has 72 hours To Live

Senator Richard Black’s play by play of the Conflict brewing in Syria.

  • Says Saudi Arabia & Turkey are a scorpion & tarantula respectively.
  • Senator Richard Blacks says “Al-Qaeda must be represented  at Geneva negotiations.”
  • Senator Richard Black says the “State Department has been Infiltrated.”
  • Senator Richard Black, We have to minimize Syrian Success.
  • Senator Richard Black says Geneva 3 was Doomed to Failure.
  • Senator Richard Black says The Army of Conquest is Funded by Saudi Arabia & Turkey.
  • Senator Richard Black says there are no moderate groups in Syria..
  • Senator Richard Black, On Syria “The U.S. is Responsible..”
  • Richard Black For President?

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