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Juelz Santana Explains Shooting at Dallas Protest

Juelz Santana Explains Shooting at Dallas Protest

Materclass U.S Foreign Policy [video] Senator Richard Black [2-4-2016]

Chapter 6: The Offer has 72 hours To Live Senator Richard Black’s play by play of the Conflict brewing in Syria. Says Saudi Arabia & Turkey are a scorpion & tarantula respectively. Senator Richard Blacks says “Al-Qaeda must be represented  at Geneva negotiations.” Senator Richard Black says the “State Department has been Infiltrated.” Senator Richard Black, […]

Video: Oregon Protester LaVoy Finicum Shot and Killed

Obama Asked Presidential Candidates, Why Do You Want This Job?

I Just Love Honesty! Thank You Lt. Col. Peters for Calling Obama a “Total Pussy”

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters called President Obama “a total pussy” during a live interview Monday on Stuart Varney’s Fox business program for what he views as his impotent response to the threat of Islamic extremist terrorism. Later on, Varney admonished Peters for using “very strong language about the President of the United […]

US deploys special forces to boost fight against ISIS in Iraq, Syria

Looks like we’re going to have to get back at it.

Chapter 5: There’s A Good Reason Why I Missed The Justice or Else March?

Chapter 5: Ordinary Occurences

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Air France Executives Didn’t Expect Slave Revolt After Announcing 2,900 Workers Would No Longer Be Fed

I thought this was absolutely hilarious. These corporate guys are killers in the boardroom but when it comes time to face the people who’s heads are actually on the chopping block their response to employee push back is slightly different. Look in their eyes, that was genuine fear. Shit just got real. I’d like to […]

New Clue to Immortality Discovered in Russian Ice

A Russian scientist has found a 3 to 5 million year old bacteria that appears to be immortal. After experimenting on rats and a few other mammals he decides to inject himself with it. It’s been two years and he says he is experiencing more energy and a greater vitality. So far he hasn’t experienced […]

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